Updated Website

I’ve updated the website. I’m still trying to figure out how to add my Patreon to the social media aspect. Each chapter not yet released has a password that protects it that my Patreon’s can access, although at the moment I have a complete total of….none.

Meh. It’s more to just have something to do as I write. Something to share. Some way for people to interact with me. I hope that what is written is enjoyed, and I hope feedback is something people are willing to provide. I’m working to put together a mailing list that works with the website as well so that things can work and run together.

In the meantime I’m sitting down at my laptop, trying to write the next bit of Chapter 2 (I’ve reorganized the story after some thought) so that I can get that up in December and change over to reveal Part Two of Chapter One as well. Think of it as a Christmas gift? Or something like that. The only distraction is the lovely video of watching a bunch of dorks play Death Stranding.

Not my game but they are enjoying it, for however weird the game is. Then also I’ve got school work I need to think about–why did I think going back to college at 30 was a good idea?

Right. Need to get my technician’s license for work. Life is weird and busy as all hell and that is a thing. I doubt I have anyone really reading this, or reading the blog, but enjoy if you do read I guess? Who knows. I’m going to go back to waking myself up after a day of longer work than intended.

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