Video Gaming and Writing

So I like to game. This is a thing about me, and it inspires much of my writing. Working on The Right of Divinity is a joy and a love of mine, and when work is tough and I need a break from it all I get the chance to sit down and either game (which basically is me vegging my brain out after a hard day) or write something. I’ve been a bit struggling with the start of Chapter 2 but I think I finally got a handle on it? We’ll see if I can hammer that out.

In the meantime I’ve put up Chapter One, Part Two as available for all. There’s no more password protection on that chapter, so enjoy! I won’t reveal the whole story for free, maybe a few chapters it depends on how things go. I do want to try and make some form of money off of this, but then again it’s not easy and really writing is a love passion of mine and if you like it then great! I want to share it.

Today though I sat down, after having a migraine induced nap, and decided I wanted to pick up an old bit of a game called Sea of Thieves. Which is primarily what this is about because I’m incapable of doing anything without doing a million things first and by gods the new update music is inspiring. Like I didn’t realize how hauntingly soul-sounding it is, but then the game is Sea of Thieves. You want a good game that will frustrate you to death in some cases when people are tough? Sea of Thieves.

I play this game on Xbox, and I enjoy it a lot when I can. It’s hard though given that I don’t have a lot of friends who play and I’m pretty sure my brother is busy so I wasn’t playing with him. There’s been several updates since the last time I hopped into the game–we’ve got pets now! I love my two monkey’s they’re the best. Also Twitch Prime loot is nice, but why Unicorns???? I just can’t understand the ship decorations.

While I’m playing the game though my puppy was running around and she’s an energetic little thing who wants to play all the time, destroy what she can get her paws on, and be a general in your face nuiscance as she climbs around you. It made the start of my journey weird.

Then I found out about these Ashen Key things and everything just…went down from there like what? So yeah I had fun with Sea of Thieves, I know have a better way of getting Dubloons which has been driving me nuts–apparently these key guardians just pop up sometimes.

Paddra is barking right now though so I need to go save Sunny from her. He’s my cat. I’ll be getting the next part of the story done soon, I hope. Hang in there!

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