Update to Right of Divinity

So I finally got enough of my brain working to finalize Chapter 2 Part 1. It’s now up on the site fully, under password. If you wish to read it I do have a Patreon that offers the passwords in question for support. I don’t know when I will unveil it for others to read, I don’t have a set schedule for releasing what little tidbits I want to people who aren’t supporting me beyond loving my writing. To that end to really help and motivate me to get this finished if you like it so far, my Patreon is the way to go.

At any rate, Chapter 2 Part 1! Yay! I’ve been reorganizing chapters and scenes and reworking scenes that I dislike how that I’m a bit more settled in to my writing. I had written the majority of chapter 1 and 2 a few years prior, so they’re not the greatest and latest of my work. Honestly I’m just trying to finish this dang thing, but I want to make sure I like the flow of the story. What is Chapter 2 now was previously Chapter 3 before I realized the way I had written it clashed with the flow.

So a little tidbit for your pleasure. Now back to either writing, sleeping, or getting coursework done so that I can get into this dang program so that I can get my stupid license.

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