Hi every, this is me. Ace. Nice to meet you.

My name is Ace. I’m a 30 year old Veterinary Assistant who has a love of writing and a passion for creative endeavors. I don’t get out much due to a bit of a severe social anxiety issue, but that’s alright. I have my pets at home to help me out, and maybe some day a service dog to get me out of the house more often.

I tend to write in my spare time, and enjoy writing when I can. I’ve been writing since I was somewhere between the ages of 10 and 13 I think? It’s been a while, but I know I got started in elementary school. The library teacher actually pushed me onto this path, with her class on poetry. That’s where I started–poetry.

I work most of my days in a clinic, five days a week typically at full time. It means I’m usually drained when I get home, so I don’t write as often as I want to. I’m hoping to change that by sharing some of my stories with the world. Eventually I plan to have them self-published, but we’ll see where and how that might work.