Right of Divinity

Right of Divinity is the story of a young boy, a young girl, a brewing darkness that threatens the world they know, and a determined pixie-kin that wants to put a stop to it all. It is a labor of love that I have been working on for quite a few years and have finally felt comfortable sharing what I can of it. Right of Divinity is the story I’ve chosen, for now, to share the most of.

This work has taken time and effort for me to create. It started out as fanfiction, and those with keen eye (or even not so keen to be fair) can spot the inspiration. I’m not very subtle about it, although I’m working to modify what I need to so that the inspiration behind the story is less apparent by the final draft. This work is, at this moment, in its first draft and can and will change before it is finished. Take the privilege you are given to see Right of Divinity in its early stages and enjoy. Please let me know what you feel about this labor of love.

Journey of the Song

Journey is my child. I have been writing this story in various iterations since I was thirteen years old. This is the story I want to finish more than anything, but it’s not quite reached a level I want to share of it just yet. Journey of the Song tells a tale about a young woman thrust into politics beyond her understanding. It tells the tale of an ancient being stuck and stagnated, who wants nothing more than to receive forgiveness. It is a story of abuse, recovery, and finding yourself.

Journey is dear to my heart. I will only share this when I finally feel comfortable with its opening. For now it remains as one of the stories I am writing, but not a story that is shared. It is a story that takes a lot out of me.

I Have Someone I nEed TO Kill

I Have Someone I Need To Kill is the second story of my heart that I began to write sometime in my late teens. It is a bit more morbid, dealing with abusive parents, shitty home life, and fantastical psychic powers. Oh, yeah, and one of the main characters is an ex-government assassin, now just a random trash man settled into the worst of the slums.

It’s a wild ride, I will say that. Once I’ve unearthed my notes and what I have for the first few chapters I’ll bring it forward to share as well, I think. It’s an experimental story for me, settled into primarily a first person perspective I believe which is harder for me to write than you can imagine.